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Illuminating Your Shadow

Monthly Racial Justice Workgroups

The "shadow" is a Jungian psychological term for everything we don't want to see in ourselves.  Exploring our shadow through the lens of racial justice is a powerful step to bringing light to the collective.  These workgroups are co-created experiences - no leaders, no experts, no "woke olympics", just small groups of heart-based folks willing to go deep, get uncomfortable, and hold ourselves accountable for what comes to the surface. Groups are grounded in confidentiality, mindfulness, and non-judgment.  Group members commit to learning how systemic racism works and how we can stop contributing to white supremacy in the world.  Deep awareness empowers us to take powerful conscious action.  Join us!  

Each workgroup of 4-10 participants chooses their own meeting schedule, structure, process and BI&PoC generated discussion guide.  Workgroups share resources and can stay connected through this website and the facebook page.

(Group 1 )  4th Tuesdays   |   7-8pm EST   

This zoom group is using Layla F. Saad's book "Me and White Supremacy" as a guide for discussion.

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No cost...however donations to the BI&PoC leaders, guides and activists who illuminate our path strongly encouraged.

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