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WELL Social Change

The third bucket at the WELL goes back to our core mission - we are a heart & healing based community group.  Healing for ALL human beings and the planet.  Our mission includes taking our individual and collective light and turning it into conscious action to create a just, equitable and greener world. 

The WELL commits to talking about race, economic, environmental, and gender inequities and holding ourselves accountable, speaking out, amplifying marginalized voices, taking conscious action, and joining together to shift towards empathy, equity, justice, collective healing, and compassion.  


We invite you to explore the WELLian-involved social change initiatives below.  Please reach out to share any social change initiatives you may be working on or are passionate to explore.

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Racial Justice at The WELL

Working to dismantle white supremacy one conversation at a time.  Acknowledging the inequities in the wellness industry and working to make change.


GreenLife NH

GreenLifeNH was started by two WELLians from Concord, NH (Hannah and Rachel) who want to influence others to make green-changes in their lives and communities.  Their aim is to become an information source for everything “eco” in New Hampshire and beyond. Check this space for links to articles on current policy information, interviews with local environmentalists and business owners, tips on zero-waste living and reviews of useful books and articles. Our goal is to make positive social change toward a greener tomorrow.  

Clear Water Lake
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UNITY Teacher Training Scholarship Fund

The UNITY Teacher Training Fund was created by WELLian Lanta Bice Totten to promote equity in the yoga field for Black people, Indigenous people, and other People of Color.  They also include differently abled bodies and non-binary persons. The minimum goal is to raise enough money to award full tuition to one individual a year.

If you would like to donate to the UNITY Teacher Training Fund please send a check made out to Nourish BodyMindSoul to our office at 674 1st Crown Point Rd Strafford, NH 03884. Also, if you desire to join us in brainstorming fundraising ideas, please contact Lanta at

New Hampshire Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ)

New Hampshire Showing Up for Racial Justice is part of a national organization striving to offer support within their communities to POC-led social justice groups.  The NH chapter is run in part by WELLian Sarah Robinson. "NH SURJ meets the first Thursday of each month from 7:00-8:00. We reflect on our experiences, learn something new and then share calls to action. Calls to action will be updated every week."  NHSURJ welcomes people of all ages, races and gender identities to join us in learning more about how we can effectively make New Hampshire (and eventually our entire country) a place that is safe, welcoming and nurturing to all walks of life. Join the SURJ Facebook group to get involved with state wide and local initiatives that make a difference.

Monthly Zoom Meetings 1st Thursdays


To learn more about the national SURJ story...

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GreenLife NH
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